Day 5: all vegan all the time.

After signing PETA’s (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) “Pledge to be vegan for thirty days,”  I received an e-mail with a warm welcome from the organization; a promise that I’ve just taken a step towards a healthier, more compassionate life and that PETA is here to help along the journey; and a link to PETA’s Vegetarian Starter Kit.

On page 3 of the Vegetarian Starter Kit is an informational video about factory farming and the unethical treatment of chickens, cows and pigs in standard slaughterhouses.

Although I’ve seen videos like this before and am aware of the maltreatment of animals in factory farms, this clip was still shocking and awful and made me cry and look away in disgust.

It’s worth watching – if nothing else than to be aware of where the neatly packaged chicken breast or back bacon in your grocery cart came from (to diminish some of the “out of sight, out of mind” attitude that I know is so easy to hold when purchasing food.)

*If you’re going to watch this video please be aware that it is extremely graphic and disturbing.


On another note, I just learned how to make hyperlinks and I am really excited about it!!