Mixed baby greens, kale, apple, pear, ginger, lemon & mint

I got the recipe for this smoothie from my naturopath.  It’s super easy and tastes aMAAzing and is such a healthy way to start the day.  I don’t measure the ingredients (you’ll feel out what’s the right amount of everything to suit your taste) but here it is briefly:

-1/2 apple

-1/2 pear

-1 bunch kale (chopped finely!)

-1 handful mixed greens or spinach

-1/2 lemon juiced

-a couple pieces of mint

-1 teaspoon chopped ginger

Chop everything up as fine as you have time for, toss it into the blender with about 5 cups of water and blend er up! *This recipe makes enough for 2-3 breakfasts for me – which I like to do to save time in the mornings – but keep in mind some say this causes nutrient loss such as vitamin C.

Other items you could add / substitute into the mix:




-any fruit or veg, really

*I save the ginger skin and lemon peel and toss them in my water or green tea for the day – delish.

It tastes better than it looks

I drink a glass of this along with 4 tbsp hemp hearts, or  couple flax & soy corn thins loaded with Adam’s peanut butter in the morning.  I used to eat only fruit in the morning, or fruit and toast, and would get a major low energy point around 3-5pm.  Adding the veg and some protein into my breakfast has made all the difference and I haven’t been napping as much since I turned vegan!