I’m starting to get tired of this whole vegan thing.  I realized this because I started eating only vegan junk food for the past few days.  Take, for example, my breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday:

-Vegan brownie from Finnerty’s for brekkie (delicious, by the way)

-Soy cheese pizza for lunch

-Soy cheese nachos for dinner

Not the healthiest, I know.  During my normal non-vegan diet, I would never (hardly ever) have this much crap food for my three meals of the day.  I’m realizing it would actually be pretty easy to be very unhealthy all under the umbrella of oh, but it’s vegan so it must be good for me.  Today I was craving some homemade, real food so for lunch I made myself guacamole with an endive to dip instead of my usual CheeCha Puffs.

Guacamole (not to toot my own horn but my guacamole is ridiculously delicious)

-1 avocado – soft but not too soft, you know how it is

-a few teaspoons minced white onion

-salt to taste

-fresh lemon juice, 2-3 slices (non-vegan: use milk instead it’s even better)

-can add tomato, green/red onion, jalapeno, garlic

Just moosh it all up with a fork.  Beginning to end takes less than two minutes.  Avocados have vitamins A, B, C, E, H, K, folic acid, minerals magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, provide all the essential amino acids- they contain more protein than cow’s milk and according to this guy more usable protein than a steak.  The long of the short is that avocados rock my world and they can rock yours too.

Endives, on the other hand, are really gross – in my opinion.  They have this bitter, licorice-esque aftertaste.  But, they have the perfect, crunchy, consistency and spoon-like shape for dipping.  You win some, you lose some.

On day 15 – the halfway point of this challenge – I am feeling good (a little bout of discouragement, but I’m already getting over it).  My friend Paul said I should stay vegan because I am much more clear-headed than normal.  The soy cheese seemed to satisfy my dairy cravings, and other than that all I’m missing is tuna in sushi.  I am thinking a lot more about what I’m choosing to eat than I ever normally would, and feel good about not supporting any factory farming and maltreatment of animals.  Here goes 15 more days.