I just spent more than an hour trying to locate a store that would be open this late that sells vegan brownies.  We’re talking searching online, calling multiple cafes, hitting up two locations in search until finally settling on a bigass piece of vegan chocolate cake from Planet Organic.

It was delicious – yes – but this is getting out of control.

I don’t know if it’s cause my body is still getting used to being off meat and cheese, or the fact that I haven’t started a paper that’s due in three hours, or all the 4:20 talk today, but I wanted this brownie and I wanted it bad.

I am going to go back to high veggie / low vegan junk food consumption starting again tomorrow.   I’ve read about a lot of people going through this phase when converting to a vegan diet, of over-consuming a lot of high-fat options for awhile before realizing this just won’t do long-term and calming down to a more healthy, high veg diet.  So I forgive myself for my obsession with chips and guacamole and soy cheese as of late and will polish off this bag of Snapea Crisps and start again tomorrow, no biggie.

Hasta mañana!