OK I am upping the anti a little bit and extending my challenge to eating a raw food vegan diet.  I’ve been vegan for 19 days and I know I’m supposed to wait to move onto the next thirty day challenge in 11 days, but I’m impulsive and I can’t wait any longer!  I got this raw food idea while talking to my raw foodie friend Kristy on Friday and I feel like it’s now or never.

To start, people who eat raw food look amazing.  They literally glow with health and energy it almost makes you want to barf.  I want to be one of those people!  Kristy said she has so much energy to burn that she absolutely has to exercise every day to get rid of some of it.  I’m so curious to see how it will make me feel energy and health wise.

So, I’m going to add to the vegan challenge, and go raw vegan until I leave for Sasquatch on May 28th.  That’s 37 days.

What will I eat?

Lots of fresh fruit, raw veggies, and fatty raw foods like nuts, seeds and avocados (nothing cooked).

Here are some comments from Steve Pavlina’s account of his 30-day raw food trial and reasons behind going raw:


The basic biological reason people feel so energetic on a raw foods diet is that sweet fruit is the easiest type of food for your body to digest. If you eat a meal of nothing but raw fruit on an empty stomach, it will normally pass through the stomach within a matter of minutes, since fruit is largely digested in the intestines. That assumes it’s all sweet fruit and not something fatty like avocado or coconut, which would greatly slow digestion.

The cells of your body run on sugar, so if you eat foods high in protein, fat, or complex carbs, those macronutrients have to be broken down into sugar (glucose). That process requires lots of energy and produces toxic substances as a side effect, which also have to be dealt with by the body. But the simple sugars in fruit can be assimilated and used by the body with minimal energy expenditure and minimal waste. Fruit is also naturally high in vitamins.

You can argue that humans evolved to be able to eat and digest other foods, including animal products. I completely agree — we can assimilate a variety of foods. However, physiologically speaking it’s pretty clear that fresh fruit is the most optimal class of foods in terms of digestion efficiency, residual waste, nutritional value, and especially energy. The biological efficiency of this diet is likely why people report feeling so extraordinary on this diet. All the energy that would have otherwise been devoted to digestion and toxic clean-up becomes available for the muscles, brain, and other organs.

Too much sugar?

Won’t all that fruit spike my blood sugar and then send me crashing afterwards? Not likely. My experience has always been that fruit gives a nice energy burn without a huge spike or crash. Other raw foodists report the same. On the other hand, if you eat fruit with other foods (or while you’re still digesting a previous meal), it can get stuck in the stomach for too long and ferment. Fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach, so it can pass through to the intestines quickly (within minutes).

I am going to write here how I (honestly) feel on this raw food diet and what I learn along the way.  I’m waiting for my approval to be a member of 30 Bananas a Day, an online community of “100% low fat raw vegans endeavoring to increase global peace!”  And I logged onto Nutridiary.com to track my food intake and make sure I’m getting enough calories so that I can stick with this raw thing for the next 37 days!

Who knows, this could be the best decision I ever make.  Here goes!