This raw food thing is hard.  I have never eaten so many fruits and vegetables in one day and it feels wrong and weird to eat so much fruit.  And it takes FOREVER to eat.  I was munching away on my oranges, snow peas, bananas and apples for what felt like hours at school today.  I had a dull headache all day – Kristy (my raw food guru) says I am most likely detoxing, especially considering all I was eating the few days before was vegan junk food.  Anyways I am so pathetic that I already caved on day 2 and ate two corn tortillas with my 9p.m. guacamole snack (corn tortillas are not raw).  I just needed something bread-like, I was going crazy!  So I guess I am easing into this raw food thing (although I am still 100% vegan so not to worry).

On another note, being a member of 30 Bananas a Day is fun!  It’s kind of like Facebook, everyone has a profile and can add others as friends and send messages and write posts, etc. etc.  Everyone seems very supportive and welcoming, I feel like I am entering some new community I’d never even heard of before.  I sense another time-waster coming on when I am trying to write papers.  Except a good time-waster because there is lots of valuable information about food and health on the forums of this site.

Anyways this was a quick post – I am going to finish my glass of wine (which Kristy says I am allowed on a raw food diet – don’t think I would last if I wasn’t allowed wine) and then head to bed.