Day one and two of this challenge I did 9:30p.m. Bikram’s (hot yoga) classes.  I had planned on doing Bikram’s again today but it was beautiful outside and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the hot and sweaty studio.  So I decided to try something different.  I signed up for‘s (free!) weekly class and took my laptop into my backyard and did a 50 minute class on the grass in the sunshine!  It was glorious.

This week’s class is an introduction to Kundalini yoga. It was fun!  She did all these funny moves like “the frog” and this other one where you lift your butt off the ground with your arm strength and straight legs out front and then plunk yourself back down on the floor over and over.  There was a big focus on ab work which killed me a little bit.  There was also about a minute of that one (I’m sure you did this when you were little) where you hug your knees into your chest and just roll back and forth, up and down along your spine.  It feels unreal.  Plus the instructor says a couple minutes of this move a day increases youthfulness – sure, why not!

I liked this cause it was refreshing and different than what I’m used to.  If you’re looking for a cheap way to afford yoga, or an alternative to packing your mat and heading to a studio, register online and try this week’s class!