I thought about how much I did not want to go to yoga all day today, ever since I woke up.  Turns out the negative anticipation was a lot worse than the actual class.  I went to my chiropractor appointment and he commented on how my spine is so much better than it ever used to be, and he doesn’t know why but it just seems to be getting better every time he sees me.  So fantastic!  I know it’s definitely from yoga (I’ve been doing Bikram’s for about a year and a half) because there’s nothing else I do that strengthens and stretches and moves around my spine.

So this made me pretty excited to go to yoga.

I got to class early, had a nice little nap on my mat before the bright fluorescent lights came on and interrupted my slumber, then made a little pact with myself that I was going to have a wicked class.

I had a wicked class!!  The teacher said he woke up this morning and thought today is backward bend day (fitting, considering my revelation at the chiro about my spine’s improvement).  Everytime someone moved in savasana he added ten seconds to the camel pose.

So we ended up enduring a 70 second camel pose (this posture’s normally held between 20-25 seconds).  It felt wooooonderful, really.

I had way too much energy after this power class to sit on the bus so I powerwalked my little heart out all the way home to the beat of Lady Gaga.

Happy healthy spine = happy healthy life (to quote a phrase they use often at Bikram’s).