1. It’s HOT. The room is 104 degrees (40 degrees Celcius) and can feel hotter depending on how many people are in the room and what time of day you go.  You’re going to sweat like you’ve never sweat before (and will learn to love this!)

2. Don’t be afraid to get naked.  Meaning, almost naked.  A sports bra and spandex shorts are ideal.  You might get up close and personal with your tummy rolls doing weird things – but it’s worth it – the less clothing the better (see # 1).

3. If you go regularly your skin will start to glow and feel as soft and smooth as the first time you shaved your legs (I pretty much assume only females read my blog) but really – hot yoga skin – incredible.

4. Don’t leave the room.  Just don’t risk it – some of the teachers get angry and you never know who you’re going to get.

5. Lie down whenever you want to (it’s better than leaving the room  -see # 4).  Sometimes I just lie there (I’ve even fallen asleep during class).  This isn’t the best, I know, but every once in awhile, if you’re just not feeling it then you’re not feeling it and that’s that, take a breather.

6. Whatever you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it – i.e. the times I’ve fallen asleep my body probably didn’t receive as many benefits as when I’ve pushed myself and stretched more than I thought  could.

7. If you practice regularly (most say at least four times a week would be considered regular practice) your body will start to even itself out and settle at the ideal weight and shape it is supposed to be at.  This means you could gain weight or lose weight (of course this is coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle).

8. You need to drink a lot of water.  My teacher tonight was reminding us to drink even more water right now since spring is starting and it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated.  This depends on the individual, but 3-4 litres a day is recommended.

9. Try not to eat for at least two hours before the start of class.  You get into a lot of funky positions and if your body’s trying to digest something at the same time this can cause trouble.  I ate a cheeseburger right before my very first class when I was seventeen.  I will never do this again.  I had to sit in my car for about 40 minutes feeling nauseous before being able to drive home after that class.

10. You will get something from trying hot yoga.  Whether it’s peace of mind; heightened awareness and focus; toned body; clear skin; flexibility; decreased back pain; happiness; breathing technique; cool yoga outfits; or anything else.  For me, I know that the more I practice yoga, the better the rest of my life is, and if I can encourage others to try it out for themselves I just might be the happiest girl since Meg Ryan at the end of Sleepless in Seattle.