So I’ve traveled across the country to the big city of Toronto to find my little old self a job.  Well, in the very least, to network and find out how to find my little old self a job.

Today is my first day of five.  I’ve had two informational interviews so far (10+ to go) – one with a digital media expert at Rogers and one with the public editor of the Toronto Star.  The more I keep talking to people the more I’m coming to understand (and believe) what my prof Gil talked about in digital communications class: the necessity to develop an online profile in order to get yourself out there in today’s job world.  So here I am back at the blogging.

(And can I tell you a secret?)  I like blogging.  As much as I used to make fun of bloggers (sorry bloggers) I can’t anymore because I would be a total hypocrite.  I enjoy writing out my thoughts and fine-tuning them more than I would in a journal because someone may be reading the words.  I like following blogs I’m interested in and connecting with others sharing similar interests.  It took me awhile but I’m converted.

Three stand-out items I’ve noticed about Toronto so far:

1. Despite what everyone from the island warns – the people here are super friendly!  The majority of people I’ve been interacting with today are in customer service getting paid to smile at me – but still.

2. Having a Starbucks to-go cup in one hand and a Blackberry/Ipod/insert-trendy-mobile-device-here in the other seems to be a necessity in any downtown Torontonian’s get-up.  Everyone is go-go-go and I feel it affecting me.  I think my mind is working faster over here than it does back home on the island.

3. Everyone has fantastic shoes.  I was at a walk-in clinic to fill a prescription this morning and the doctor was sporting some chocolate suede cowboy boots under his scrubs!  I told him I liked his boots and his questioning look makes me think he thought I was being sarcastic – but really I did.

On that note I’m going to go drop $130 on some Steve Madden’s I was eyeing up on Bloore St. West.